Steam Cleaner Wasi-Steam Classic II

Perfect for use with limited space!

NEW: 174996



Range of application:

Compact format, strong performance: The Wasi-Steam Classic II is the perfect solution when there is little space and big demand. With its variable work pressure of up to 5 bar it offers in particular the multistation user a gentle but quick and thorough cleaning of all small parts.

Major features at a glance:

    • Choice of colour:
      • 174996 #CCVA#   Wasi-Steam Classic II Stainless Steel
      • 174996 #CCWH#  Wasi-Steam Classic II Stainless Steel White

    • Manual filling, flexible choice of location
    • Adjustable up to 5 bar
    • Short heat-up phase because of 1200 Watt-special steel heating
    • Comfortable usage because of single-handed operation of the steam gun
    • Gentle and quick to use, thorough results
    • High safety because of protection against dry running
    • Tank and diverse housing parts made of stainless steel

    Available as accessory:

    • REF. 174460: Splash protection, stainless steel (W 250 x H 265 x D 255 mm)
    • REF. 174358: Fastening set for wall mounting
    Technical Specifications:


    220–240 V / 50/60 Hz

    Power consumption

    5.3 A (Si 6.3 A (medium-blowing-fuse)


    1220 W

    W x H x D max.

    245 x 350 x 315 mm


    12.5 kg

    Sound level

    ≤ 70 dB (A)

    Working pressure

    max. 5 bar

    Steam temperature

    approx. 158 °C (at 5 bar)

    Boiler capacity

    3.3 l

    Safety class

    IP 22

    For spare parts / accessories store:

    article number 174996 : Steam Cleaner Wasi-Steam Classic II

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